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1-What is Movibeta?
It is a web site that provides a quick uploading service, storage and files management to reduce costs and improve the process of production of digital contents, advertisements, videos, etc.
2-What is Movibeta used for?
Movibeta improves the process of production of all kinds of digital projects, facilitating their final delivery, improving communication among the different actors in the process.
3-Who is Movibeta intended to?
Movibeta está pensada para ser usada tanto por amateurs como para uso profesional en agencias y estudios creativos, agencias de publicidad, directores, productores, estudios de postproducción, directores de cortos, televisiones, etc. Pueden utilizarla todas aquellas empresas del sector de la comunicación, información, graficas, etc. que necesiten recortar sus tiempos de producción y reducir costes.
4-How to start using Movibeta?
First, you must sign up free, including all the information requested (Link to registration form) ), then you will have to do a project and select the folder or directory in which you would like to upload the given project. Before uploading it, you must hire a certain volume of megabytes.
5-How does my work improve with Movibeta?
Movibeta allows you to save time and money when you send files in data storage devices (Betacam tapes, DVDs, etc.) and lets you control the progress of each audiovisual project in a simple way through every sector participating in the development of such project.
6-What kind of files does Movibeta support?
Movibeta supports the uploading of any possible kind of file. To preview those files, it supports the following formats. (Link to formats)
7-Does Movibeta require any sort of technical application?
Movibeta is not a sort of software to be set up in your computer and it needs no installation. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of this software, it is advisable to have at least 1 mega Internet connection, although it can be used at inferior speed.
8-How to pay?
The payment must be done by debit or credit card. Only the following cards are accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and AURORA. The payment is done through the prestigious international company Paypal, which guarantees a safe environment for these transactions.
9-How long does a file remain within Movibeta?
Permenecen en Movibeta hasta que termine el período contratado. Luego dispondrá de quince días extras para renovar su suscripción, de lo contrario los archivos serán borrados..
10-¿Cuántas veces puedo borrar y subir un archivo?
Una vez contratada una capacidad de Gb es posible utilizarlo durante el período contrado cuantas veces quiera. NO hay limitación al borrado y subida de archivos siempre que no exceda de la cantidad subida.
11-Is there a limit in the size of the files that are uploaded?
There is no limit as regards the size of the files being uploaded.
12-Is it possible to use Movibeta between different countries?
Movibeta can be used by people from different countries. The service is developed in four languages (Spanish, English, French and Italian).
13-Which is the level of privacy in Movibeta?
Comprehensive transferences RSA encrypted.
14-Can I use Movibeta without Internet connection?
It is not possible to use Movibeta without Internet connection.
15-How will I check the use of the acquired credits?
Each user can see in his private area, the detail of how many credits he have used and how many remain.
16-Is there a limited number of projects for each account administrator?
No. Every administrator or authorized user can create an unlimited number of projects within their account.
17-How do I administrate the projects permits?
You must click on the folder of the project you wish to manage, and then press administrate permits and give every selected person the permits needed over the chosen folders.
18-Is it possible for the users of a given project to see the contents of the rest of the projects?
No. Each user will only be able to see the contents of the projects they have been given the permits for. They will not be able to see the titles of the rest of the projects managed by the administrator either.

1 -How do I upload a video?
First, you must place the cursor on the folder in which you wish to upload the file, and then click on “Upload Content”.
2 -¿How do I make a comment?
Select the file in which you want to post the given comment within a certain folder and then click on add comment.
3 -¿How do I invite other people to my project?
First, you must place the cursor on the folder which you want to invite a user to and then click on the button “Add User”.
4 -How long does it take to see the previews?
The loading time of the preview depends on the size of the file uploaded and it ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.
5 -How do I check the status of my account?
In order to check the status of your account you must press the button with the name of the account on the top left where all the data of the account is seen.
6 -How do I see the videos in each project?
You must click on the folder of the project and subsequently on every created folder.
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